Thursday, April 28, 2005

Drenched and embarrassed

We left for anil's treat to Angeti , a restaurant in Church street. It started drizzling on the way and I began cursing my luck. My car had to be abandoned becuase it was overheating and now it starts raining when I am in my friends's bike, it hardly used to rain when i used to drive. Atleast that way my car would have looked clean, I would have considered that a gift from god. Anyway lets not digress here. As i was saying , by the time i reached Angeti I was partially wet. I went to the restroom and got myself dried emptying the tissue papers there. Finally, it was dinner time, all of us sat at the open space at Angeti. For some reason we later on moved into a closed room and within minutes the waiter was taking our orders.

As he was pouring water into our tumblers, he spilt a whole jar of water on my shirt!!!! rather he spilt a jar of cold water on my shirt. Now the scenario is like this. It is raining outside and hence is pretty cold. The AC in the room was also set to a low temperature, to add to that i am also drenched in cold water.

There was no way i could have sat there without removing my shirt. So i told the waiter that if he could assure me that nobody else was coming to the room I would then remove my shirt. He
said it would not be a problem if I remove my shirt and so i did. I removed my shirt and was sitting there with only my vests to cover my chest. Atleast it would be better than the drenched shirt.

I was comfortable. Within minutes my friend says "oh oh" and when i turn back i see around 7 -8 women getting into the room. All of them looking at me as if I am some sort of a nut case. I tried not to look at them and I tried to protect my identity. No use. I think i saw smirks in a few faces.

Just then my savior arrived. He was a person who was wearing a jacket. I then took his jacket and wore it. After a few minutes all the women left and we were the only group in that room. I guess they left becuase the idea of having food in a room of drunken bachelors didnt sound good or that there was no amusement( I was wearing a jacket now you know).


Blogger samy said...

Damnit!!!! I missed all That.

2:26 AM  
Blogger pseudonym said...

and i was feeling i was the unlucky one coz it started raining as soon as i reached a street with no shades or tree

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Kavitha said...

Guess, the women weren't interesting enough - since you dived for cover!! :)

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Achala said...

I can very well imagine the scene. I would have loved to see the expressions on your face.hehe

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Achala said...

I can very well imagine the scene. I would have loved to see the expressions on your face.hehe

1:24 AM  

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