Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why I didnt go swimming...

I decided to improve my swimming skills this summer. Why I decided to do so is a long story. I will delve into that some other time.

I asked a few people at my office, they said that the swimming pool in sadashivnagar is pretty good and that it conforms to the olympic standards (i.e 8 lane etc...) I decided to go there.

Luckily(which turned out to be unluckily) for me there was a camp starting after 2 days. Sameer and I got enrolled in it. I Paid 1700 bucks. Now I had to get the costumes ready, the swimming shorts that i used to use a few months/years back wouldn’t fit. I had grown laterally i guess, atleast people told me that. So I had to purchase new ones.

Along with Sameer I went to Olympic sports in Malleswaram, we told the lady there that we needed swimming trunks. For some reason the lady found it very funny that we are asking for swimming trunks????Sameer said that the way i asked it embarrassed him also!! I had an argument with him about that later on, anyway lets keep it at that.

I purchased a pair of swimming goggles, I didn’t want to burn my eyes in the excessively chlorinated water which is the easiest way to maintain a swimming pool without paying for labor or changing the water regularly.

Finally we went to the swimming pool an hour early to complete the formalities and start swimming. To my surprise, there was a swimming contest going on and I enquired in the office as to how they are going to coach us. I was told that we would be coached in the baby pool, which is further down the main swimming pool. I was also told three days a week it would be at baby pool and another 3 days at the main swimming pool!!

We went to check the baby pool and as soon as we saw it, we knew we didn’t want to swim there.

I was not new to swimming, but wanted my skills to be better so that i could use it as a fitness exercise in the future. The idea of going to gym for fitness is not very appealing to me. I am more concerned about endurance, stamina and flexibility than muscle power, brawn and great looking body.

Anyway with the reassurance of swimming 3 days in the big swimming pool we asked one of the people there as to where we could change? He said "Sir, go behind the bushes"!!!!!!????
He continued, saying that it is pretty dark and that no one would notice us. I told him it was not about people noticing me when changing, but about lack of certain basic facilities after having paid a good sum of money!!!

When we were walking along the pool I asked Sameer if we should refund the money, without any hesitation he said "yes" and so we ended up refunding.

Refunding wasn't easy. After a lot of haggling and arguments with the manager, 1500 bucks was refunded. He kept 200+200 bucks, which I am pretty sure, went into his pocket rather than the K.C Reddy swimming association.


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