Monday, March 16, 2009


See this video. Its a cisco human network video.

When you watch this video, would you prefer using the CISCO product that puts you virtually in the office in another country as opposed to actually going to that country? I for one would prefer the later.

I think an average person thinks very differently when you suggest he might have an option to go to another country. He might think of all the site seeing, the people etc.

Here everybody he talks to expresses enthusiasm when the guy says he is going to another country. He ends up going to a conference room. Not everybody goes to another country just to see a few business clients right?
Frankly, they are unable to sell the idea that you can have a good time by not travelling. Their attempt to do so is unsuccessful at best. Its probably because they they dont believe in that idea! [The creators of this ad believe that going to another country is probably more fun] There is no integrity between what is shown and what the user perceives. I dont know if they were ignorant of implications?

If they were to ask me, I would suggest an ad which goes like this. A person is worried and is packing thinking about the horrors of traveling like jetlag, mini restrooms in planes, travelling stress, staying away from a new born kid etc and then show that with cisco human network, you dont have to worry about all of these!


Blogger Nithi said...

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Blogger Nithi said...

you da man! I don't know if the original idea is good enough, but your idea definitely sounds better to me.

Although, there is not much of a significant difference in the two ideas. If their idea, they talk of the positive aspects of traveling, and in yours you talk of the negative. Your ad is more akin to the typical American Ads - very direct, not funny types. You can also change the ad with the guy wearing a PJ and walking on the street saying he's going to America, and ends up in a conference room. It could look funny, but still gives the same message.

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