Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fortune and Faith

There was an idea that had established in my mind many years back, but I was not able to express it clearly. I have seen the ways of India for around 23 years of my life. From the past couple of years I have been in this successful country, USA. Today, I was watching CSPAN. I saw lot of people[congressmen] talking. What I saw there was so unlike the typical USA. People had lost faith in one another. 

People have lost faith in government/Wall street. Government had lost faith in wall street. The philosophy government believed in  that every American should be able to afford a house didn't seem to exist anymore. It was frustrating.

Government had bailed out many companies and were still not sure if they made the right choice. They were hoping and praying that the bail-out package that they came up with would be utilized well. There was no way of knowing this for sure. So, they are trying to quiz CEO's, ensure a limit on salary and are emphasizing on "Change". They had lost faith in the financial companies. It was kind of uncool.

It was unlike the typical American image of confidence, abundance of money, class and other consequences of people who are financially fortunate.

Bailout, is like nationalisation, the companies don't have freedom to follow any policy of their liking. They have to abide by the government's terms and That is the state currently of many big companies.

Now let me analyze this situation as a problem that is not specific to America.
Lets assume two fictional societies X & Y for this purpose. Suppose X is made of most of people who are generally very smart, hardworking, have "good" judgement, have skills that take them to great heights of prosperity in life, they tend to trust one another and value each other's opinion and trust their decision making ability, then, they by nature, choose democracy,De-regulation, freedom, liberty and I think it works well. Holistic group.

Lets assume the society Y is mostly made of people who are lazy, have little skills and want things to be provided to them easily. Then its likely that if that kind of a society is democratic , the society in general will suffer from continuous bad choices.  Even if a person is making a right decision other people in the society wouldn't trust him[may be bcos they have "bad" judgement]. As a society they haven't been successful and wouldn't think he has what it takes to make the difference. They probably would think how can HE make the right decision, bcos HE is a part of them and how can any part of them be right [This is the feeling that lingers after a series of failures leading to low self respect]

The only solution to improve the society Y, is I think by non-democratic form of government. The people in charge have to plant ideas that are not typical to the society's view.  It has to be done by a couple of people from a successful society or people who are from their own society.These people should exhibit traits of people from society X, telling the rest of them how to get it right. These people should be in charge of all the decision making. Many of the decision they make wouldn't be to the liking of the most[that is why a democracy wouldn't work]. Once they get the stuff right, after having turned most people of society in the right direction with the right skills, democracy can be restored. Else it might turn to a decadent society.

This is applicable to many countries today. Many of these countries that I am referring to are countries which have lot of poverty, terrorism and other social ills. Telling how a country should conduct itself is against the sovernigty of that nation. However, in the interest of the whole world, I dont believe democracy should be a form of government in such countries. 

Ashok, tells me, its time America rethinks the philosophy of "voting rights for every adult". At the root of his statement is his lack of faith that every adult American is able to vote with "right" judgement. He has lost faith in the judgement of American people. If America, hadn't plunged into this huge crisis[eventually caused by Americans], he would have probably NOT thought about such a thing and it is in accordance with my above theories.

I want to emphasize that I am NOT saying this out of spite. I am just trying to analyze the psychology of people


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Ashok corrected me saying, he didn't mean it for an American adult, but rather for all adults across all democracies.

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