Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I will be quitting current job this friday.
10 1/2 months spent here. My first Job.(sob sob)

Some nice memories to carry forward. Especially the Quake 3 sessions during the initial training days.

Some of my friends say , its like 8th sem holidays again. Yeah, true to a certain extent. But, I have a lot to prepare for. I have to learn cooking. I have a lot of things to purchase and plan ahead. More importantly I have to be ready for one hell of hectic learning/research life I guess.

My cousin's marriage is coming up on 19th, I have to purchase a few formal clothes. I guess I wont be welcomed or atleast people will pretend not knowing me if I dressed like how I dressed to work.

I have to settle a few things with my landlord. After all this it is Home sweet home time.


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