Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Enticing City - New York

Before coming to united states, I had got in touch with one of my seniors of my undergrad college, Soumya. She was telling me that it was hard for people who knew New York city to leave it and go to another city. I didn't really believe that. After all how much different can they be? Having spent close to 2 months in the city during internship, I sometimes wonder whether any city can be like New York city?

My conversations with some other people.
Ashok : Hey ashwin, how is life?
Me: cool, how is hanover, and how is dartmouth ?
Ashok: Dartmouth seems to be good, but you know something intresting... hanover has 6 traffic lights.
Me: What!!??

Me: MA, baddi maga. How is life in VT?
MA: Life is cool.
Me: I bet it will be when you have a complete tuition waiver and a lot of stipend.
MA: Yeah man...Living expenses are dirt cheap here. I am paying like 200 bucks for a single room appt.
MA: But to get to the closest airport which can take you to a closest big airport is atleast 3 hrs from here and there is no train facility and you have to have a car or rent a car.
Me: Hmm...
MA: Its a village here man. California was so cool.

Talking about development in Mississippi with my uncle's friend.
Me : Hello uncle, what's new tylerton?
Uncle's friend : One traffic light in the past 10 years!!

Talk about New York city!! The above cases weren't the right competition. Vinod says Houston is pretty awesome.

People have told me that Chicago is pretty cool. Hmm.
Talking about Awesome cities- Montreal!! (rings any bell)? Las Vegas for all the gamblers and partygoers.

Like in India, even in US there is a big gap between developed and underdeveloped states. It is even reflected in people's attitude they say. Extremely conservative and orthodox groups are in places like Utah, Idaho where as people in major cities are extremely liberal and open minded.

I guess, personally more than the city, the people you are interacting with should have an awesome attitude. That was one thing excellent about my manager in Citigroup. I was lucky that way. My friends some of them however weren't so lucky. My manager never cared, when I came , when I left, as long as I did my duty. He was straight forward. I didn't have to guess anything. That takes away a lot of burden. I had some of the most interesting conversations in 2 months at Citigroup with him. There were many more reasons why I would call him a really good manager.

I wasn't that lucky when it came to my landlord though. Ended up fighting with him. This landlord never valued what he talked. Showed erratic behavior. At times he would act as if he was really concerned about us, infact he was just an opportunist. I never felt like respecting him and never did. He said " You don't give me respect, give me respect", I felt uncontrollable urge to burst into laughter. A man who demands respect!!


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