Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Holiday Mood.

Hmm... I am posting this blog on the day before thanksgiving. Every body is in a holiday mood. Me too :) Dont feel like working. The more I feel like not working, there is another feeling of guilt that is pinching my mind saying "Dont waste your time". I watched a lot of movies last week. Some of them really good ones. "Thank you for smoking" was a movie all about "B.S" - Excellent movie according to me. I also saw Borat, which impressed me initially until I got used to the jokes and after that it was a pain watching the extremely shocking and vulgar jokes which hinted at the lack of creativity in the script. Among the other movies that I saw were the illusionist and Mystic river. Until end, I thought illusionist was a movie of a lover seeking revenge for his betrothen. I must say the last part of the movie caught me off-gaurd. Edward Norton shines like he always does. Mystic river - A movie about the story of three brothers and how their wives played an important role in their life. One of the brothers has a suspicious, insecure wife which solely leads to his misery and eventually his death. Another person has a wife who manipulates him and drives him into unjustifiable actions. I didnt quite clearly understand the role of the third man's wife. Anyway, Sean Penn got an oscar. Frankly I couldnt figure out why he got one. I do want to know. May be I am missing the point here. I found that his acting was quite melodramatic for a killer.

I told my friends in India that I will be coming in Jan. They have provided me with their wish lists. Microsoft should be happy to know that Zune is present in most of their wish lists. Sameer is confused in the excitement of what to get from here. Ha Ha.
I have to take something to my sister. Its not easy. She doesn't say what she wants. She says that she is a spoilt brat and that she doesnt need anything. I have to again contact her find out what she wants. Oh.. man...she is a tough kid.

I am going to leave on Jan 5 for about 25 days. One thing that I will do for sure is attend a good number of marriages. When I was in India I used to come up with excuses to not attend some of them. Even though I may not be very curious who the bride or the bridegroom is, I will be curious as to what they have for dinner :)

All my lab guys are going to India this winter except sushma, whose parents may come here. She is not sure of graduating also. Hmm.... Anyway, When I come back even though most of my classmates would be gone and there will be familiar people in my lab. There will be some new faces too. My old appt mate swami is also going to stick around.


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