Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Human mind: Intelligence and its flaws.

Somebody(I cant remember who) said that human mind tries to come to conclusions using limited information available to it and many times does that unknowingly resulting in wrong conclusions and forming prejudices.

Let me illustrate it with an example.

A) "Genes of Indians indicate that they are of Asian descent".

Now for many people this statement will be "obviously" true. If you think its obviously true knowing nothing about ethnicity and genes, then you are wrong! Let me elucidate my point, if you are from South-asia and especially India and if somebody asked you what genetic descent you have, I would guess your answer would be "asian"(based on the statement I made above) and you would be wrong. That does not imply that the above statement I made is wrong=> Only that it could be ambiguous.

I can understand if you are thoroughly confused at this point. Let me put an end to your misery.

These statements are facts:

South Asians(people from India) have genes that indicate they are of European descent.
Indian Americans(native Americans) have genes that indicate they are of Asian descent.

The statement I made(A) here talks about native Americans, but when people read it they are not sure who I am talking about when they come across the word 'Indians', so they try to associate it with Asian Indians(South Asians) when they see "Asian " word next. Our intelligence which uses some kind of fuzzy logic leads us to wrong conclusion. The right thing to do is to disambiguate "Indians" before you continue reading. Unfortunately when you are reading that additional information may not be available.


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