Monday, August 07, 2006

Internship and summer

I am working for a fortune 10 company in new York city. My office is in wall street. The way I landed with an internship here is itself pretty amusing. It was my worst interview among all the interviews that I had, and the only company that made an internship offer. The work is OK. The pay is ludicrous. Since I didn't have much choice I had to end up taking this offer. My internship started in 3rd week of June. My classes and exams had got over on may 20. I worked my butt off for my prof till June 6. Then I did some paper work to come back and start internship on 20th June. I had a lunch with my boss and the team that I was going to be working with. I must say I was pretty amused. My boss was talking about his high school crush( or fling I am not sure), he was saying he met her in a school union and that he was seeing her after 15 years. It seems she had married a guy who was 15 years younger and my boss called it a marriage for convenience than anything else. Don't know what he meant. In his words " She was sooo zoned out man... That I rather felt like staring at my tattoo than looking at her". After an amusing dinner I took off to Rochester.
On 9th June I left to Rochester to spend some time with my uncle. While my classmates were working their butt off...I was chilling out in Rochester. Excellent place I must say. I also went to Toronto, Niagara falls, a few museums, amusement park, had a fun week with my uncle.


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