Monday, August 07, 2006

Funny Manager

My manager is pretty funny guy.He even says funny stories like has worn a brown shoe on one foot and black on the other to work. Never seen a manager like that. Once he asked me to attend a meeting saying it was really important. I tagged along with him and took a seat next to him in the auditorium. But the guys who were giving the presentation seemed ( without their knowledge) to be making a really good effort to put us to sleep. I didn't want to let my manager down by sleeping in the first meeting. I thought he wouldn't be too happy about it and with all the effort tried to keep awake. I don't know how it happened or when it happened. It just happened. No No.. I am not talking about love..I am still talking about trying to be awake. I somehow dozed off. When I regained consciousness, I woke up with an alarm and instantly looked at my manager to make sure he didn't catch me sleeping and I was sure he couldn't have, bcos he was sleeping too. Man!! That was one meeing. Next day, my team gets a mail from my manager saying that the project in which we had all dozed off had landed in his lap!! The project wouldn't be funded and if my manager wouldn't deliver the results on time, his job could also be at stake. One of my teammates asked him who hated my manager so much that they gave him such a job.
But my manager is pretty cool. I think I am one of the few interns who go to job at 9.30 am and come back at 6.30 pm. He has no issues with it.


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